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All right, so there hasn't been that many updates of late.... Workin' on it, really. Just have to come up with some more material. Do look for Yami no Matsuei, though, as it will soon be joining the site. Joy! More characters in torturous situations!

What's New?

Some new pics have been added, thanks to a donation from Heero. *sigh* Anyway, look for more from Heero in the near future and some more facelifts and fanfics! New Fanfic(s) today: Spiral.
A new part of the Soap Opera is up, at long last. Also, there's been a couple of cosmetic changes. (As in, you can now go between pieces of the Soap Opera without having to take a long way around to it.)
A new fanfic, Kidnapped, has been added. Broken Shard has been updated with Quatre's help. New episodes of the Soap Opera are really coming, honest.
A new fanfic, No Longer Broken, has been added. Broken Shard also has a recent addition, Agreement. I've been working on Broken Shard a little more with Quatre's help. Also, new episodes of the Soap Opera should be up soonish.
There is now all of Operation: Quatre put up, but soon there will be the next story Operation: Omi. So stay tuned.
Happy New Year!
At the start of this brand-new year, another new fanfic is being added, The Soap Opera. It's kind of extensive. Also, don't try to look for an update to Broken Shard for a bit, I've currently suspended it.
A new fanfic has been posted. Operation: Quatre Part One. It's my first big fanfic so I hope you enjoy it.
~Quatre~ I was finally able to get on!
A new fanfic has been posted. Under My Tree, just in time for the holidays! I hope to soon have the Soap Opera, a huge Gundam Wing fanfic will be up soon. When I start to post it up, look for ways  you can help, if you want.
Also, the annoucement has been made, but I'll make it again. Quatre will be helping me run the site soon.
a few more parts of Broken Shard have been added over the week. another new fanfic is up, Confession. This one isn't going to have multiple parts. I'm working on making Playing Innocent into multiple parts along with a couple of other things besides Broken Shard.
all of Welcome to Hell has been up for a few days. Also new, a beginning of a crossover/alternate reality called Broken Shard.
And I've got a contest page now. Currently the only one is a contest related to Broken Shard.
uploaded a few more pics to the gallery page. i've connected all of the West together for easier navigation. i've also added the fanfics "Slipping Away" and "Playing Innocent." I might add more to "Playing Innocent" in the near future. Welcome to Hell -- Coming soon.
Also, there's 'Ask Rabbi', a place where you can ask Rabbi-chan questions.
uploaded pics and fics and made the gallery page. i'll connect all the parts of the West together at a latter date. I can only do so much at once!
Everything! I don't know what I'm doing!



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